LA Chock


Fully adjustable motorcycle chock for any tire.

  • LA Chock and LA Trailer are identical except for footprint size
  • Fully Adjustable for any size tire
  • Fully adjustable, fits tires from 80mm to 190mm and 15″ to 26″ wheels
  • Rugged, beautiful powdercoat
  • Integral brackets for bolting down to a trailer
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Made in the USA

The LA Chock (and the smaller footprint LA Trailer Chock) is an innovative and secure motorcycle chock that can be adjusted to fit any size motorcycle tire. Use the LA Chock on your garage floor to provide secure, upright storage for your motorcycle. Just place the stand on the floor and push or ride the motorcycle into the stand. The patented stand clamps onto the front tire and securely holds the motorcycle upright. You can now get off the bike and perform cleaning or maintenance tasks. Mount the LA Chock or the LA Trailer Chock in a trailer and your towing worries are over. Loading is as easy as riding the bike into the stand. Once in, you can get off the bike and secure the bike with straps without someone else having to hold the bike up for you. Another great benefit of using the LA Chock is that no front tie downs are necessary. Just secure the rear of the motorcycle with straps and the chock does the rest.