SB001 Single Bike Trailer

Baxley SB001 Tilting Single Motorcycle Trailer

Fully loaded SB001 – $4400

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  • One big bike capacity
  • Tilt-down bed
  • Built in LA Chock
  • All sturdy steel construction
  • Built in LA Chock
  • Powdercoated durable black crinkle finish
  • Chrome wheels
  • Adjustable height coupler
  • Jack wheel
  • Adjustable height coupler
  • Full diamond plate floorboard
  • Stone guard
  • Spare tire with cover

The SB001 is the final word in single bike motorcycle towing. Like its larger brother the GT2000, the SB001 motorcycle trailer is a simple and elegant solution for safely towing just about any motorcycle up to the Full Dresser Harley or the Honda Goldwing. The bed tilts low to the ground so the motorcycle can be ridden onto the trailer and into the patented LA Chock. The motorcycle is then held securely upright so there is no worry about dropping the bike or losing control over the situation. Just pull down the lift frame and latch it in place. To secure the motorcycle, just strap down the rear of the motorcycle; no front tiedowns are necessary!

The SB001 has a patented suspension system that operates as an independent suspension on each wheel and provides a very smooth ride with excellent tracking characteristics. The floorboard is standard as well as the adjustable coupler and the jack. A rock guard and spare tire are standard equipment as well and provide you with extra security when towing your valuable motorcycle.


  • Weight: 610 lb.
  • Payload: 1250 lb.
  • Bed Length: 98.5″
  • Length: 12′ 2″
  • Width: 70″
  • Tire Size: 185/75R13
  • Finish: Black Crinkle Powder Coat

WOW! Add me to the list of satisfied customers. The trailer is fantastic. Even the first day in the rain it tracked beautifully, and we made the 1200+ mile trip back to New Jersey with no problems at all. It took a bit of time to get used to the electric brakes, but after I got them set up right, it worked flawlessly – even when some crazy drivers pulled “stunts” in front of me so I had to apply them with a little bit of extra urgency.

I’ve mentioned this before to you folks but simply cannot help myself. EVERY time I use my Baxley GT2000 (it is an older unit) I marvel at how easy it is to use, how simple it is to secure the motorcycles and am grateful to had been able to experience a Baxley trailer through a friend before I bought a m/c trailer of my own. Quite frankly, I could not imagine buying a different type of motorcycle trailer. Baxley is the gold standard is seems to me.

Hi. I just wanted to sing the praises of the hight quality of workmanship you put into your trailers. I bought a use (2004) GT2000 last October from a dealer in Conroe Texas. It is used every day for work. I own and operate a Motorcycle Towing company. A few night ago I was on a rescue call at 1:00 am setting at a stop light when I was rear ended. The impact was hard enough to sheer the ball locking latch off causing the trailer tongue to dent my bumper in about an inch. The truck moved forward about 5 feet, and the 3 small running lights on the rear on the trailer where smashed. I was able to use a bolt to lock the trailer back to the ball and safely pick up the stranded rider and get him home safe. The quality of your trailers are the reason I chose Baxley for my company use and I will never pull any other brand. I upgraded the 3 running lights to LED and the tail lights are next. Again thank you Baxley Trailers for making my job much more easy to do.

Steve Shreeve

I want to thank you all for your kind help in being able to have a sport trailer for me when I drove over from Mississippi. The unit is more than I expected, and it tows so well behind my 2005 Dakota truck. The machine work is outstanding along with the engineering. Have had a lot of comments on the heft of the unit. Have been to my motorcycle dealer, so you might hear from them on being a dealer for your business. Tell your dad for Semper Fi for me.

Sam W.

At a rest area in VA, we parked next to a truck from Indiana with a large enclosed trailer with Harley-Davidson logos all over it. When we came out, the three men who were traveling together in the truck had surrounded my trailer and were “holding court” about it. Just like your story about the Harley-Davidson owner, they asked a lot of questions, so I showed of how the trailer worked, and gave them a brochure. It was interesting to see their fascination. They were very impressed with the powder coating, quality of the fit and finish, and the way the trailer tilted for easy loading. They said they had never seen anything like it before.

Hi Cindy,I wanted to thank you and your family business for building one of the best trailers available for motorcycles and for providing this great service of allowing owners of your trailers to advertise on your website......

I wanted to notify you that my Baxley SB001 trailer has sold, so please remove it from your Website / Used Stuff. Thank You for all your help in posting this and for building such a superior product..!!

Andrew Frey

Fully loaded SB001 – $4400

Give us a call at (334) 446-3310 or email us at