About Us

Baxley has been building the best motorcycle chocks and trailers for over two decades.

Baxley Trailer Company began business in Dothan, AL in 1997 as a division of Baxley Blowpipe Company. After many years of providing the finest motorcycle trailers and accessories in the business, Baxley Trailer split in 2012 and BaxleybyProvidence took over the manufacturing of the motorcycle chocks. Baxley Trailer Company is still selling the finest motorcycle trailers in the world direct to the customer. Contact Baxley Trailer at (334) 446-3310 to ask about our full line of trailers.

BaxleybyProvidence is located in a new facility in Waverly, AL. and produces the Sport Chock and LA Chock just as we did in Dothan. These are the finest chocks you can buy, with the best warranty, all made 100% here in the USA.