CHOCKS (BaxleybyProvidence)

BAXLEYbyPROVIDENCE warrants all motorcycle chocks for a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY covering workmanship and mechanical components under normal use and conditions for as long as you own the chock. Warranty applies to the Original purchaser and subsequent owners at our discretion.

Warranty Claims: If you have a failure or defect of a component, we may send replacement parts for the customer to install, have the customer ship the chock to us for repairs, or in the alternative replace the entire chock at our discretion. 

NOT COVERED:  Damage from abuse, use with tires outside the designed size range, extreme environments, fire, accidents and other damage that does not occur in normal use are not covered by this warranty. Also NOT COVERED are normal cosmetic wear, paint fade, scratches, rust spots or flaking of powdercoat. Care should be taken to address any powdercoating issues so they don't lead to further damage from neglect.

All warranty claims or issues should be directed to: BaxleybyProvidence, 6150 Hwy 431, Waverly, AL 36879  info@baxleybyprovidence Ph: (888) 988-8833 Option 2.




BAXLEY TRAILER COMPANY LIMITED WARRANTY We believe Baxley Trailer Company manufactures the finest trailers available. Therefore, we extend the original purchaser of this product the following warranty from the date of purchase.

FRAME: The frame and related components are warranted by Baxley Trailer Company and are applied to any part found to be defective due to material and/or workmanship. Baxley Trailer will, at its option, repair or replace defective parts to the original purchaser at no charge. The Bill of Sale will serve as proof of the date of purchase.

The warranty periods are as follows:

A. Frame is warranted for one year. Void if: •Frame is broken or bent due to abuse. •Wheel spindles or swing arm spindles are bent due to impact. •Wheels are bent or broken due to impact. •The trailer or its components have been subjected to non-factory alterations.

B. Hubs, bearings, lights and wiring harnesses are warranted for 30 days. Warranty does not apply to items damaged in collision or due to negligence or abuse.

C. Tires are covered under this warranty onlyif they are received by the dealer either flat or bulged. Otherwise, they are considered wear items and are not subject to warranty.

D. All claims must be submitted with the following: • Dated Bill of Sale including both the dealer's and the purchaser's Name, Address, and Phone Number. •All warranty work must be performed by an authorized Baxley dealer. All warranties are void if the trailer has been altered, used under abnormal conditions, subjected to misuse and/or abuse, or improperly maintained. All warranty claims will be valid only if the warranty is completed and submitted to Baxley Trailer Company within 10 days after work is completed by the dealer.

To insure customer satisfaction, Baxley Trailer reserves the right to call or contact the customer to inquire regarding the service they received. Mail warranty claims or any correspondence to: Baxley Trailer Company 3300 E. Cottonwood Road Dothan, AL 36301 info@baxleycompanies.com (888) 988-8833 Option 1.