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Great motorcycle chocks and trailers, all made in the USA.

Amazing Motorcycle Chocks - Made in the USA

We meticulously handcraft the highest-quality motorcycle chocks and trailers with unrivaled precision and care. Made with pride in the USA.

Baxley has been handcrafting motorcycle chocks and motorcycle trailers in the USA since 1997. We were the first ever company to manufacture a chock that supported a motorcycle as a free standing unit. Others have since attempted to imitate us, but no other chocks compare in design, function, quality, and warranty. If you take pride in your possessions, and want to own the highest quality chock on the market, look no further than a Baxley motorcycle chock. We are obsessed with quality and will exceed your expectations.

The same can be said for our amazing motorcycle trailers. No other trailer provides the safety, ease of loading, security, and beauty that a genuine Baxley trailer does. All of our trailers have tilting beds and built-in chocks so that you can ride your motorcycle on safely and get off without worrying about it falling over. Just two straps is enough to secure your motorcycle for transport. Join the thousands of happy Baxley customers that choose quality and function over cheap. It’s our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that makes the difference at Baxley.

Trusted Quality, Lifetime Warranty

Baxley is the first name in motorcycle chocks. Join the thousands of individuals and many dealerships that have chosen Baxley chocks to support their motorcycles securely, safely, easily and beautifully. All made here in the USA.


Baxley Trailers

Baxley Motorcycle Trailers are known everywhere for their amazing features that make towing a motorcycle easy and safe. Tilting bed, built-in chocks, and adjustable hitch height are just some of the features that make Baxley the first name in motorcycle trailers.


Flat Rate Shipping

Great Customer Service

Great Warranty

Flat Rate $30 Shipping on all orders up to two chocks, $60 up to four. All chocks are shipped directly from our factory in Alabama.

Our passion is quality and great customer service. We are ready to answer any questions and assist you in any way we can. Just give us a call!

Baxley Trailer and Baxley Chocks have the best warranties in the business. You can count on support after the sale!

Made in the USA

Trusted by Professionals

Made in America


The chock worked flawlessly, and I will be spreading the word of this awesome product. Thanks again

Oh. MY. GOODNESS! This chock is literally amazing!! I have it paired with my Woodcraft rear stand to lift my all black Honda CBR.
The construction of your chock is unparalleled. I trust your chock even more than I do my Woodcraft rear stand. I know there is literally no way my bike would see the garage floor with your chock in place. I am so happy with this purchase and I can’t say enough good things about your company and their products.
Thank you so much for all that you do. God bless!

Just received the SportChock,I love it!!!! Well built, thick powder coat, and very sturdy. I will be telling everyone one about your product MADE IN THE USA!!